The Bride’s Bridesmaids Gift Guide

Are you a bride searching for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids? Here’s our list of the top bridesmaid gifts for the 2017 wedding season:

  • On your big day,  you and your bridesmaids want to get ready in style. A chic robe or nightshirt is the perfect gift for your maids. Not only will they be comfortable while getting their hair and makeup done, robes create a perfect photo op.  We love these robes and nightshirts! They can even be monogrammed!

marleylilly robes

  • Wearing heels all day is going to kill your bridesmaids’ feet. By the time they’re ready to dance, they’ll also be ready to take those heels off!  These flats are perfect for them to change into after the ceremony and pictures.

etsy flats

  • What better way for your bridesmaids to remember the day then a new piece of jewelry? Whether it’s a pair of earrings for them to wear on the big day or its one of these adorable Kate Spade Idiom Bangles, you can’t go wrong.

kate spade bracelet

  • You never know when you or one of your bridesmaids will have a mishap, so we suggest gifting these adorable Minimergency Kits. With 17 pieces, including double sided tape, hairspray, stain remover, and a safety pin, you can’t go wrong with this kit.

sephora minimergency kit


  • A super fun way to let your bridesmaids know that you appreciate them is with this bottle of Pink Gin. Not into liquor?  We also love these personalized wine bottles!

pink gin

  • You and your bridesmaids will want to capture every moment from the time you start getting ready, until the end of the night. These disposable cameras are an awesome way for your bridal party to capture your big day. You and your bridesmaids will end up with a ton of great candid shots you’ll will treasure forever.

disposable camera

  • Mini champagne bottles are a super cute way to start off the day and are completely adorable. Tie a fun straw on with some ribbon or supply some orange juice for a much needed mimosa while you are all getting ready.

korbel mini champagne

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Why is Golf Course Aeration Important?

Andover Country Club Golf Course
What is aeration?

The most common type of aeration is core aeration. Core aeration is when a machine physically removes small soil cores that are usually ½” in diameter from the greens. The holes that are left behind during this process are then filled with sand, which allows for the excess moisture in the ground to evaporate so the grass can grow stronger roots and tolerate the traffic better.

Why do we need it?

Aeration is healthy for the greens because it allows for better drainage after rain or irrigation. Without aeration, the grass becomes like a sponge and has excessive organic matter which causes a lack of root growth, lower oxygen levels in the soil, and it encourages disease, all of which could lead to turf failure. If aeration is not done regularly enough then the surface becomes soft and prone to marks from foot prints and balls which makes for an inconsistent playing surface.

When should the course be aerated?

The best time for aeration to occur is when the turf is healthy and actively growing.  This will allow for a quicker recovery of the turf and for the smooth conditions of the turf to return. This may cause a disruption for players, but, in the long run, is healthiest for the turf.

What are the other types of aeration?

A less disruptive type of aeration is when smaller holes are used to vent the turf to improve the amount of oxygen in the soil. This type of aeration has a smaller impact on the surface and, therefore, won’t impact players as much as other types of aeration.

At Andover Country Club, we do our best to keep our golf course in tip-top shape. As a New England and Boston area country club, it’s crucial for us to perform constant maintenance on our course due to variable weather patterns. Our grounds crew performed aeration in the middle of April and will perform another round at the end of August.

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