2017 Andover Cup Golf Tournament

This year’s annual Andover Cup Golf Tournament was a total success! Thank you to our members and guests for participating in this year’s tournament. We hope you enjoyed the 3 full days of events and are excited to see what we have in store for next year.

Please enjoy our photo gallery from this year’s golf tournament!

2017 Andover Cup

2017 Andover Cup Golf Tournament

2017 Andover Cup Golf Tournament2017 Andover Cup Golf Tournament
2017 Andover Cup Golf Tournament

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From Our Golf Course Superintendent: The Perfect Lawn Care Plan

Last year’s drought caused a great deal of damage to not only golf courses, but lawns as well. Andover Country Club Golf Course Superintendent, Wayne LaCroix, shares his simple care plan to help your lawn recover from drought damage.

Lawn Drought Recovery Care

Very few lawns were left untouched by the damage done by the drought and the water restrictions. These conditions allowed for weed seed, dandelion, crabgrass, and other unwanted weeds to take hold of lawns. If damaged areas haven’t been reseeded or replaced with sod, they should be done as soon as possible.

  1. Your lawn care plan should start in early spring. Sometime during April is when you should treat your lawn with a fertilizer that has a crabgrass control component.
  2. The next step is to use a weed & feed fertilizer. This can be done any time between the first week of May and the second week of June. In some cases, it can be done later, but not this year!
  3. The third step is to fertilize your lawn with a fertilizer that has grub and insect control. Ideally this should be done during the first week of July, but can be done any time between the second week of June through July.
  4. In early September, you should use a slow release fertilizer that has no phosphorous and is a minimum of 50%-75% slow release.
  5. During the fall, around mid-October, you should fertilize again with a fertilizer that is a 25-50% slow release.
  6. Lastly, around the end of November, you should test your soil to determine how much lime you will need. Generally, you will need 10-25lbs per 1,000 square feet.

A simple way to remember the majority of application dates is to work them around the holidays.

  1. Passover – Easter
  2. Mother’s Day
  3. Father’s Day to Independence Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Columbus Day
  6. Thanksgiving Day

Andover Country Club features an 18-hole championship course originally conceived and adapted to the natural contour of the land by course architect, W.H. Follet and completed upon his death by the famed designer Donald Ross.

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Why is Golf Course Aeration Important?

Andover Country Club Golf Course
What is aeration?

The most common type of aeration is core aeration. Core aeration is when a machine physically removes small soil cores that are usually ½” in diameter from the greens. The holes that are left behind during this process are then filled with sand, which allows for the excess moisture in the ground to evaporate so the grass can grow stronger roots and tolerate the traffic better.

Why do we need it?

Aeration is healthy for the greens because it allows for better drainage after rain or irrigation. Without aeration, the grass becomes like a sponge and has excessive organic matter which causes a lack of root growth, lower oxygen levels in the soil, and it encourages disease, all of which could lead to turf failure. If aeration is not done regularly enough then the surface becomes soft and prone to marks from foot prints and balls which makes for an inconsistent playing surface.

When should the course be aerated?

The best time for aeration to occur is when the turf is healthy and actively growing.  This will allow for a quicker recovery of the turf and for the smooth conditions of the turf to return. This may cause a disruption for players, but, in the long run, is healthiest for the turf.

What are the other types of aeration?

A less disruptive type of aeration is when smaller holes are used to vent the turf to improve the amount of oxygen in the soil. This type of aeration has a smaller impact on the surface and, therefore, won’t impact players as much as other types of aeration.

At Andover Country Club, we do our best to keep our golf course in tip-top shape. As a New England and Boston area country club, it’s crucial for us to perform constant maintenance on our course due to variable weather patterns. Our grounds crew performed aeration in the middle of April and will perform another round at the end of August.

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USGA Implements New Video Review Rules

Golf Blog

The USGA and R&A have implemented two new rules that have the golf world buzzing.  These rules come after Lexi Thompson lost in the first LPGA major of the season.  A fan called in a potential infraction and it was determined that she was in violation of improperly replacing her marked ball and not returning the ball to its original spot.  She was assessed a two shot penalty for this.

New Rules

  1. The first of the two new rules states call-ins will still be allowed and that “the use of video technology can make it possible to identify things that could not be seen with the naked eye.”  This standard does not mean that those players who receive more airtime will then be held to a higher standard.  Players will not be penalized for infractions if the committee determines that the infraction was not clearly seen by the naked eye and the player was not otherwise aware of the infraction.  Even if a video shows an infraction, if it was not clearly visible by the naked eye and the player was unaware then the player will not be assessed a penalty.
  2. The second rule states that players cannot be held to the same degree of precision that video technology would provide.  This “applies when a player determines a spot, point, position, line, area, distance or other location in applying the Rules.”  It is this rule that applies to Thompson. A player’s judgement will be accepted as long as their actions can be considered reasonably expected under the given circumstances even if a later video review shows otherwise.

You can click here to read the full article from the USGA on this matter.

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